How to Pronounce Uranus?

Answer You want to talk about the seventh planet from the sun, but you don't want the snickers. Here is how to pronounce it without causing snickers, shame or embarrassment.

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How far is Neptune from Uranus?

Neptune and Uranus are about 1.1 billion miles apart. Uranus is about 1.7 billion miles from the sun, while Neptune orbits the sun from about 2.8 billion miles away.References:Astrobio: Uranus and ... Read More »

What is uranus'surface made of?

According to NASA, the "surface" of Uranus visible from space consists of blue-green methane clouds. Below the clouds of this gas giant may be an ocean of liquid water filled with ammonia surroundi... Read More »

What is Uranus'wind speed?

Wind on Uranus travels at 700 km/h (almost 435 mph), but changes directions from westward to eastward at the equator. Astronomers believe this direction change results from Uranus' extreme tilt (wh... Read More »

What is the barometric pressure of Uranus?

The barometric pressure (also known as atmospheric pressure) of a planet is defined as the force exerted on the planet by the weight of the atmosphere above it. It is measured in millibars. Uranus,... Read More »