When did the AT&T Universal Card become the AT&T Universal MasterCard?

Answer AT&T is still marketing some of its credit cards under the trade name the AT&T Universal Card. Its website indicates the cards are available through both Visa and MasterCard accounts. Therefore, th... Read More »

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Can any universal remote will work with Harman AVR 25 II Please suggest a universal remote that works with AVR 25 II.?

the carshop, in alhambra. They Fix my HOFCO 3 remote, one of the buttons was not working. And the also program it for me.

If you have a sylvania personal TV the remote is not working what is the code to use a universal remote the universal remote is a Dish Network?

it depends on receiver model, and electrical code regulations. but to get it to work all you need to do is have a line run from the 1000.2 LNB (port 1 2 or 3) to the receiver. if you have a dual re... Read More »

Coby TV and the universal code is not on the list for my comcast cable remote I tried the universal code on their website that isn't it Anyone know what the code is?

If you are a DirecTV or Cox subscriber, you may sync a universal remote to your television using code 1548 or 11548. These codes are for use with the following Coby television models: TFTV1022, T... Read More »

PC Knowledge?

Last time I replaced a power supply I bought a replacement at Maplins (if you are in the UK). I think it cost about £30-£40. Check the wattage of your power supply and make sure the replacement h... Read More »