What is u favorite thing about life?

Answer My four children...They are the most insparational, beautiful, wonderful, life altering reasons I get up in the morning, They are the reason why I do better with things....They are the reason life ... Read More »

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What is your favorite thing about lasagna?

The way I make it just the way I want it. lolMore of everything than any recipe calls for. :)

What is your favorite thing about Hug a Vegetarian Day?

My husband is very aware of today's big events! So his "hug" will definitely lead into more so that he can brag about doing a vegetarian on hug a vegetarian day! I know TMI, but he has declared th... Read More »

What was you FAVORITE thing about michael jackson?

there are sooo... many things, I love about MJ. Couldn't narrow it down to just one. 1. The Man2. The Moves3. The Music4. The Moonwalk

What is your favorite thing about Starr Manning on OLTL?

well i have only kinda have been watching for about 4 years but i occasionally watched her with my grandmother and she made me always laugh how she was devious bratty kid and then became a normal t... Read More »