What is typically included in coop fees?

Answer Co-op fees pay the bills received by the corporation that operates your building. You pay a pro-rated share of these bills, depending on the size of the unit to which you have been given a propriet... Read More »

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What is included in condo fees?

Depends on the association. You pay assessments monthly, and they are an automatic part of condominium ownership, usually.You can ask your treasurer for a copy of the annual budget, so that you und... Read More »

What is included in association fees for homes?

Your association 'earns' its income to pay its bills from owners' assessments. Every association is different from every other association, in terms of the bills it pays for services. Typically, a... Read More »

In relation to collecting condo fees what are actual attorney fees and costs?

Since every set of circumstances is different, there is no exact answer to your question. Here are some of the variables to consider: The attorney's hourly feesThe filing fees for filing the lienT... Read More »

What are the average condominium association fees and maintenance fees in 33434?

There is no standard for association assessments, because those funds pay for operations of the property. Expenses may include master insurance coverage, landscape work, association management, uti... Read More »