What is typical work day like for a pediatric Hematology Oncology doctor?

Answer It depends on several factors: 1. age of the child2. type of ball thrown (hardball, tennis ball, etc)3. distance range that the ball was thrown4. age of chid that threw the ball5. location upon the... Read More »

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The History of Pediatric Oncology?

Pediatric oncology is the study of cancer and possible treatments specifically dealing with children. Many institutions dedicate wings to this branch of the medical field.

What is the employability in pediatric oncology?

Questions about Pediatric Oncology?

1. What is the appropriate attire for work?Usually something fun for kids is better in my opinion. The kids are frightened enough without the white coats 2. How many days a week do you work, and w... Read More »

Training Required for Pediatric Oncology?

Pediatric oncologists are doctors that are trained to study, diagnose and treat cancerous tumors in children. Pediatric oncology is a sub-specialty of pediatrics, so the first step toward this care... Read More »