What is turbo boost?

Answer Engines burn fuel to make power, and they need air to burn that fuel. A turbocharger shoves more air into the engine than it would be able to ingest on its own, increasing the ability to burn fuel,... Read More »

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How to Explain Turbo Boost?

A turbo boost is unique to turbocharger engines and is designed to give smaller engines more power. In order to properly explain how the system works, you will have to break it into parts so that s... Read More »

How to Enable a Turbo Boost?

Enabling turbo boost on your engine requires installing a complete turbocharger and intercooler system. Turbochargers are spooled by the engine's exhaust gases, allowing the turbocharger compressio... Read More »

How much boost does the 6 psi twin turbo equal?

A 6 psi twin turbo means the whole turbocharging system is transmitting 6 psi of boost. Psi stands for pounds per square inch and is a measure of the force your turbo is putting into the intake. Bo... Read More »

About Intel Turbo Boost Technology?

Intel Turbo Boost technology is the complementing software and firmware designed by Intel to further optimize the performance of the company's multi-core computer processors. Turbo Boost technology... Read More »