Do You Think Trolling On The Internet Should Be A National Sport?

Answer lol no. I think it's pretty annoying

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My husband does not understand the fine art of internet joking or trolling?

I'm with Toke. It's possible that even with your fine example, he just has a bad taste in his mouth for trolling. Tell you what I can do! I'll fill your Facebook with a bunch of hilarious trolli... Read More »


A "troll" in the internet sense is someone who posts/converses/interacts with someone else purely with the point of making that person angry. So basically, a troll is someone who purposefully trie... Read More »

My scanner is trolling meh!! D:<?

:DProbably u might have uninstalled the software or not connected the scanner...try doing one of these..

What is trolling or a troll?

Its when someone asks a stupid question or they are a fake person asking a bunch of random stupid questions because there bored.LOl. Or someone not asking a serious question.Or posting answers tha... Read More »