What is triple distillation?

Answer In alcohol manufacturing, the standard distillation process for making malt whiskey features two stages. In triple distillation, another stage is added to the process, improving the taste and alcoh... Read More »

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What is distillation used for?

The distillation process is used to separate out and purify substances in a liquid mixture based on their tendency to become a gas when boiled. It is typically done in Organic Chemistry laboratorie... Read More »

Why Is Fractional Distillation Useful?

Fractional distillation makes it possible to extract individual liquids from a mixture of substances. It's what produces gasoline for cars and spirits for cocktails. Fractional distillation can be ... Read More »

What is simple distillation used for?

Simple distillation can be achieved when liquids with vastly different boiling points (at least 50 degrees F) are heated. Each gas is collected as it escapes and cooled to create a pure liquid. Exa... Read More »

Distillation Procedures?

Distillation is the process used to purify or separate different components of a mixture. It has many uses, aside from producing alcohol, including making gasoline from oil, converting seawater int... Read More »