What is triple distillation?

Answer In alcohol manufacturing, the standard distillation process for making malt whiskey features two stages. In triple distillation, another stage is added to the process, improving the taste and alcoh... Read More »

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What is molecular distillation?

Molecular distillation is a type of distillation carried out in a high vacuum and a low temperature in order to do the least damage to the composition of the substance.High VacuumThe quality of a v... Read More »

What is steam distillation?

While all distillation entails separation, steam distillation is effective in separating temperature sensitive materials. It is most useful for organic compounds. The process purifies the material ... Read More »

What is the set up for steam distillation?

Steam distillation requires specialized equipment, but is a relatively easy setup. All glass equipment is designed to fit together without connectors, although lab clamps are a helpful safety preca... Read More »

What is distillation used for?

The distillation process is used to separate out and purify substances in a liquid mixture based on their tendency to become a gas when boiled. It is typically done in Organic Chemistry laboratorie... Read More »