What Type of Math Is Trigonometry?

Answer Trigonometry may be one of those high school mathematics requirements that blends in with many other math courses you have had, such as calculus, geometry and algebra. However, as a rule of thumb, ... Read More »

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What Walt Disney song has the words algebra& trigonometry in it?

According to several song lyric databases (see References), there are no Disney songs that have the words "algebra" and "trigonometry." However, the popular Sam Cooke song "Wonderful World" has the... Read More »

Who is the father of trigonometry?

According to the San Francisco Unified School District, Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi is considered the father of trigonometry. Al-Tusi lived from 1201 to 1274 AD and was also known as a noted medical schol... Read More »

How to Learn Trigonometry?

A unit circle used to illustrate various trig functions.Trigonometry is the branch of Mathematics that deals with studying triangles. It is very easy to understand if approached in the right manner... Read More »

Relationships In Trigonometry?

Trigonometric functions are functions that relate an angle on a unit circle to its x and y coordinates. Unit circles are circles with radius 1 that are centered at the coordinates (0, 0). All six t... Read More »