What is tree sap called?

Answer Tree sap is also known as xylem sap, according to Xylem sap consists mostly of water, minerals and nutrients, and it flows through an opening or cut in a tree.Source:Gardening... Read More »

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What are tree rings called?

Tree rings are also known as growth rings, or annual rings, as one ring typically equals a year of the tree's life. Study of these rings is known as dendrochronology. Scientists can use these rings... Read More »

What are leaves on a palm tree called?

The leaves of a palm tree are called palm leaves, according to the Sun Palm Trees website. Palm trees are divided into two major groups, those with fan-shaped leaves (palmate-leaved) and those with... Read More »

When you trim a palm tree what is it called?

What tree is commonly called the quaking aspen?

Quaking aspen is the common name given to Populus tremuloides. This aspen tree grows over much of the United States, except some places in the Southeast. It provides food and cover for animals such... Read More »