How to Do a Decubitus Ulcer Treatment While in a Wheelchair?

Answer Patients who are confined to bed rest or a wheelchair are often at risk of forming pressure sores. This sore, known as a decubitus ulcer, forms due to a lack of circulation to that part of the body... Read More »

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What happens if a stomach ulcer pop?

Once you have a stomach ulcer, it is very painful and you have a burning feeling inside.

Can you die from a bleeding ulcer?

On One Hand: Severe Bleeding Can Be Life-ThreateningThe presence of ulcers---also called peptic ulcers---can trigger potentially life-threatening severe blood loss in some cases, according to the M... Read More »

Can you die from a gastric ulcer?

How to get rid of a mouth ulcer?

Try some Maalox. This is a quick and inexpensive remedy. Swish some around in your mouth a couple times a day until it is all gone. Best of Luck kid!