How to Do a Decubitus Ulcer Treatment While in a Wheelchair?

Answer Patients who are confined to bed rest or a wheelchair are often at risk of forming pressure sores. This sore, known as a decubitus ulcer, forms due to a lack of circulation to that part of the body... Read More »

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What is the ulcer in my mouth!!?

I often get ulcers on my tongue if I am run down. The main causes of mouth cancer are - smoking, alcohol, HPV virus and males have a higher chance. By the sounds of things you are a young girl so I... Read More »

What happens if a stomach ulcer pop?

Once you have a stomach ulcer, it is very painful and you have a burning feeling inside.

What is the home remedies for frequent mouth ulcer?

The easiest cure is to have dried coconut (copra) with crystal sugar thrice a day for two days. It will completely cured in the II day.

What is the cause of ulcer in urinary tract of female?

There can be many. It could be an infection or autoimmune disease s it would be best to see a doctor.