Why the Temperature Affects Transpiration?

Answer When you leave a bowl of water in a refrigerator, it takes longer to evaporate than it would if you left it on a warm stove. The difference is due to the lower temperature in the refrigerator, whic... Read More »

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How to Check if Transpiration Exists in Plants?

White flower which is advisable to useAs learned in biology class, plants have the processes such as:Photosynthesis: a process by which plants prepare their own food using sunlight, water and carbo... Read More »

Why Is Transpiration Important to Plants or Flowers?

Plants and flowers grow upward from the ground to the sky, posing a natural engineering problem. Plants must move water and important nutrients from the earth to their highest leaves constantly to ... Read More »

How are the opening and closing of stomata related to transpiration?

opening and closing of stomata occurs due to turgor changes in guard cells ....................due to exchange of gases carbon dioxide accumulate creating acidic nature resulting in favourable cond... Read More »

Los Angeles Public Transpiration (mean trains busses ex?

"Transpiration" LOL. It transpires you don't know the difference between transpiration, transportation, and transit. It looks like the first two guys have gtiven you your answer, if you can be both... Read More »