What is traditional, pink bubblegum supposed to taste like?

Answer idk free 2 points though

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Is earl grey supposed to taste like soap?

No way!!! Earl Grey is black tea flavored with bergamot, which is a small citrus, a cross between lemons and oranges. Your tea should taste citrusy, NOT soapy!In regards to the previous answers, a... Read More »

Are sesame seeds supposed to taste bitter after soaking/drying them?

Sesame seeds have a slight bitterness. Soaking in salt makes them dehydrated ( i am assuming its salt not dissolved in water). May be it changed color and tasted more bitter because of that .

Why does pink necco taste like pepto bismol?

They both use the same flavouring, like licorice it is a common stomach ailment and digestive flavouring, it calms the senses.

How many pink flamingos outside my trailer home would exceed the bounds of good taste?

The older the mobile home, the more flamingo's you're allowed. 1 flamingo per year of age of the trailer. Also, you get 3 extra for every vehicle parked outside with wheels that exceed 5 feet in di... Read More »