What is traditional, pink bubblegum supposed to taste like?

Answer idk free 2 points though

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Is earl grey supposed to taste like soap?

No way!!! Earl Grey is black tea flavored with bergamot, which is a small citrus, a cross between lemons and oranges. Your tea should taste citrusy, NOT soapy!In regards to the previous answers, a... Read More »

Why does pink necco taste like pepto bismol?

They both use the same flavouring, like licorice it is a common stomach ailment and digestive flavouring, it calms the senses.

How to Look Like Princess Bubblegum on Club Penguin?

If you just love adventure time and Club Penguin, here's how to be princess bubble gum on club penguin!

I need to eat vegetables but do not like the taste of them. Is there something that i can cover up the taste?

if u like cheese then but cheese on some of ur vegetables, it'll make it taste better....