What is total debt?

Answer Total debt is defined as all long-term debt an individual or company has, along with all current liabilities. Comparing the total debt to the amount of equity or income is a ratio used to figure th... Read More »

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How to Calculate Total Debt?

Most lending agencies view the amount of total debt carried as a measure of financial strength. Some debt is essential and, if used correctly, can even improve finances. If debt is structured to b... Read More »

How much is the U.S. government's total debt?

As of May 13, 2010, the U.S. federal government debt is $12.927 trillion. A large portion of the amount consists of treasury securities owned by investors and banks in every country of the world.So... Read More »

How to Calculate Total Debt Ratio?

The debt ratio is a mathematical tool used in finance and accounting to asses the amount of risk taken on by a company. The basic debt ratio compares assets to liabilities, which is said to be an i... Read More »

How do I calculate debt to total assets?

Total DebtAdd together both short-term and long-term debt from the liability section of the firm's balance sheet. For example, Firm A had $30,000 of short-term debt and $20,000 of long-term debt fo... Read More »