What is top soil used for?

Answer Top soil is used for a variety of landscaping and construction needs. Top soil can be used to plant flowers and shrubs, tree plantings, and for installation of grass and sod. It can also be used as... Read More »

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What is clay soil used for?

Clay soil is used in gardening. Compost amendments are added to this type of soil due to its heavy and poor drainage characteristics. Clay soil that has no added compost poses a benefit to plants s... Read More »

What is silt soil used for?

Silt is a soil texture, or a soil particle separate. Silt textured soils are used for anything that other soils would be used for, except perhaps the mining of sand or clay.

What type of soil is used to start a garden?

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What kind of soil should be used for snapdragons?

The snapdragon, or Antirrhinum majus, prefers acidic to slightly alkaline soil, and can survive in sand, clay or loam, according to the University of Florida. The flowering plant also requires mois... Read More »