What is too much vit e?

Answer For short periods of time, vitamin E supplementation is generally considered safe at doses up to the recommended tolerable upper intake level (UL). However, vitamin E is possibly unsafe when used o... Read More »

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How can a woman get six-pack abs What to eat, when, how much Exercise-how much, what types?

Getting a nice set of abs is such a misunderstood process. It's actually a lot easier than most people think which is why most people are in a never ending quest to get that perfect six pack - it's... Read More »

What are the benefits of selenium and how much is too much?

Selenium is a mineral that is beneficial to human life. It can be consumed naturally in foods or taken orally as a dietary supplement. The supplemental form of selenium can be found in a selenium s... Read More »

I know that eating too much toothpaste can be fatal, but how much is too much?

If you're having it for breakfast, dinner and tea that's too much. It's important to have a balanced diet. However, I do recommend Arm and Hammer washed down with a lovely glass of Original Listeri... Read More »

How do you know if you`re an alcoholic friends say i drink too much, how much is too much?

Some very good answers here.If you friends are commenting on your drinking habits this is a classic sign that things aren't right. You say you don't get drunk during opening hours. That implies t... Read More »