What is tongue weight for a class 2 trailer hitch?

Answer The maximum trailer tongue weight for a Class II trailer hitch is 350 lbs. To be safe, the total loaded trailer weight must not exceed 3,500 lbs.Source:U-Haul

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What is a class 2 trailer hitch?

Trailer hitches are rated differently according to how much weight they can carry. There are several different ratings, called classes 1 through 4 or I through IV.BasicsTrailer hitches are rated fo... Read More »

What is a Class III trailer hitch?

Typically, a Class III trailer hitch can tow up to 5,000 lbs. of gross trailer weight and 500 lbs. of tongue weight, explains U-Haul. Alternately, the term can apply to any hitch with a 2-inch rece... Read More »

Can a class 2 trailer be used on a class 1 hitch?

A class 2 trailer can be pulled on a class 1 hitch, as long as the gross trailer weight and tongue weight don't exceed class 1 limits. Gross trailer weight maximum for a class 1 hitch is 2,000 pou... Read More »

What is the proper trailer hitch height?

Hitch height is variable and depends on the height necessary to make your trailer sit level. To determine accurate hitch height after positioning the vehicles and towed vessels, measure from the gr... Read More »