What should i bring to the BBQ tomorrow?

Answer I think cheesecake is not a wise choice.It is very high in calories, sugar and fat.A wise choice would be a healthy choice.Bring something for the main course.Example:Bring some corn on the cob fr... Read More »

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Going to the dermatologist tomorrow. What do they do?

you should not wear make up when you go to a derm so they can really examine your problem.If your already bieng pulled outta of school then just let it be, you shouldnt be insecure about ur skin wh... Read More »

Going gym tomorrow what workouts should I done?

I found this brilliant app called 'JEFIT' the other day and it's great pretty much everything you can think of to work out a body part is in the exercises it shows. So what I advise is pick a few b... Read More »

What are you going to bring to cook on the outside grill?

Oh Goody...We are going to have a BBQ!...I'll bring some nice chicken breasts and a nice rack of beef spare ribs and of course I will bring my special BBQ sauce...I will cut up some fresh fruit and... Read More »

I'm going to the gym tomorrow, what machine's make legs toned?

If you want to get toned legs, leg workouts alone won't do it, because for ur legs to get toned, u have to lose the fat around it, and to lose the fat around it u need cardio. All you need to do is... Read More »