What is to plant or scatter seeds?

Answer Sow or sowing.

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How Do I Scatter Flower Seeds So They Take?

Seed scattering is a method of planting seeds often used for wildflowers. Packages of mixed wildflowers are purchased and the seeds spread over a field. Despite how easy this sounds, preparation is... Read More »

After I plant my pumpkin seeds how often should I water the seeds?

Keep the soil moist until they sprout and have a few true leaves. When you have a larger plant a good soaking once or twice a week (depending on weather) is in order.

Can you plant cantaloupe seeds from fresh seeds?

Cantaloupe melons must be past the normal eating ripe stage for the interior seeds to be ready for planting. Wash off the pulp surrounding the over-ripe seeds and allow them to air dry before placi... Read More »

How do you plant desert rose seeds and should you soak them or just take the flyers off and plant?

There are two plants called the desert rose. By the reference to a 'flyer', you are probably meaning the Sturt's Desert Rose of Australia. If so, you do not need to pre-treat or remove the 'flyer'.... Read More »