How to Blanch an Egg?

Answer Blanching is a process of flash-boiling foods for a brief period of time without cooking the food completely through. This is usually done with fruit such as peaches for easy removal of the skin, v... Read More »

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How to Blanch Vegetables?

Blanching vegetables is part of the preservation process when freezing vegetables. Fresh vegetables are briefly cooked and then chilled in a cold water bath before they are frozen. This process hel... Read More »

How to Blanch Carrots?

Blanching is one of the most simple, healthy and tastiest ways to prepare carrots. Just follow these steps and tips to transform ordinary carrots into a delicious side dish!

How to Blanch Asparagus?

Blanching is a cooking technique in which food is cooked for a short time in liquid--usually boiling water--and then immediately cooled in ice water. This technique works particularly well with gre... Read More »

How to Blanch Spinach?

Blanching spinach is a great way to bring out additional flavor, brighten the green color, and soften the texture. When learning how to blanch spinach, you must have several bags of spinach on hand... Read More »