What Is an Indicator for a Titration?

Answer Learning about titrations makes up one of the rites of passage for beginning chemistry students. In a titration, you determine an unknown concentration of a sample by adding a second reactant of kn... Read More »

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What is the opposite of titration?

Titration is the gradual adding of measured amounts of one substance to another to elicit a reaction. The opposite of titration is to quickly add estimated, not precise, amounts of one substance to... Read More »

What is a titration interval?

Titration is a process in which a solution of an often unknown concentration is added to another solution. A reaction occurs between the two solutions that allows the concentration of the solution ... Read More »

What are titration curves?

A titration curve is a graph showing how the pH of a solution changes based on how much acid or base is added. The vertical y axis shows pH, and the horizontal x axis shows the amount of acid or ba... Read More »

What is EDTA titration?

EDTA is the standard abbreviation for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, useful as the reagent in a titration of water for the determination of its "hardness."Titration"Titration" in general is a tes... Read More »