How do you know if your tipsy?

Answer When you feel goooood lol

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Do you think i am tipsy?

Since I'm the only one who anwsered this I hope to recive ten points. Yes if your head feels heavey and you have been drinking you are tipsy try eating something to soaknup the alcohol. Although ... Read More »

What happens to you when you get drunk/tipsy?

I react the same as you, I always want to climb things and run at things lol, I also sometimes get really emotional which can be embarrasing haha, and normally talk an awful lot of crap...

The feeling of being tipsy..?

i feel like you do....the only way for me to prolong the nice feeling is to slow down drinking...or even you dont go over the line of feeling good to drunk....and then when you start to... Read More »

Was i tipsy or buzzed?

with so little muscle coordination I gotta say drunk