What is ticket splitting?

Answer Most U.S. voters, rather than supporting one political party's entire slate of candidates, divide their votes between candidates of the two main political parties. This practice of supporting candi... Read More »

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I booked the train ticket in but i didn't recived the ticket what can i do for that?

A copy of ticket is mailed at your registered email id of makemytrip as well as sms confirmation on registered mobile number. Please check the mail and also mobile. Even SMS confirmation will be su... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of "Splitting Hairs"?

The phrase "splitting hairs" means to argue over small points or trifles, often to the point of being pedantic. It is usually used against a person negatively, such as "You're just splitting hairs ... Read More »

What Is the Process of Splitting Atoms?

Atomic nuclei that are unstable are liable to split. The process of inducing atom splitting is called fission and requires an understanding of the subatomic particles, or neutrons, that precipitate... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Pension Income Splitting?

Pension benefits allow you to retire from your company and have your retirement funded by your employer, instead of your personal savings. You may be offered the opportunity to split pension benefi... Read More »