What is death % of thyroid cancer?

Answer " the overall relative 5-year survival rate for thyroid cancer is 85% for females and 74% for males.[19]"85% of females are alive after 5 years... that is really really good

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What are the side effects of having to take thyroid hormones due to Cancer?

I'm so sorry to hear that Mike :( I don't know about thyroid hormones, just wanted to let you know I'm here for you.

Thyroid cancer?

I hope things turn out ok for you and most deep sympathies.Thyroid cancer is one of the more treatable types of cancer. It is possible that the treatment you has in your teenage may be the reason f... Read More »

During the surgery to remove a thyroid they will do a biopsy for cancer - Can anyone tell me what is done if?…this link may be helpful

Is thyroid gland cancer curable?

There are a few types of thyroid cancer. Most thyroid cancers are very curable. In fact, the most common types of thyroid cancer (papillary and follicular) are the most curable.