What is this "why wassup" game on facebook about?

Answer Basically, someone will post a status and say "Like this for a Why Wassup". And then they'll post something on your wall with questions that they think about you. For example, my name is Kristen. A... Read More »

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Why are people saying on facebook why wassup does it mean something?

say someone asks what's up with _____ (name)people would answer saying oh _____? you mean the one who's is tall, skinny, blonde, etc.except they're saying nice, or unique things about you :) then y... Read More »

People who know more about breastfeeding than me - is this correct Some girl said this on facebook?

well, she's sorta right. it's true that formula has come a long way and it's true that formula is better than cow's milk, but breast milk is undeniably the best thing you can give your baby -- even... Read More »

What is this "legal notice of settlement of class action" facebook message i got about?

you didnt do anything wrong - facebook did - the email is just asking if you want to be considered in the class action lawsuit against them - the most you could get is $10 tho and you would have to... Read More »

Is there another facebook status game i dont know about?

its this:This is hilarious!!!! Please Don't spoil the fun, and keep it goingPick the month you were born:January-------I kickedFebruary------I lovedMarch----------I karate choppedApril------------I... Read More »