What is this weird thumping in my lower rib cage?

Answer The thumping you are aware of is your heart beat I can assure. You can feel your pulse all over your body if you care to try...........................

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Very sharp pain in lower right side, under rib cage, kinda near lower right back?

Sounds like you have gallstones or a bad gallbladder and the episodes that you are describing are gallbladder attacks.I am going to list some symptoms of this disorder below. You will eventually h... Read More »

I'm having pain in my lower right rib cage it started in my shoulder?

You say it couldn't be possibly gallbladder, as this is classic signs of this. It is most probably caused by pulled muscles, and this is why the pain is radiating. Do you have any trouble urinating... Read More »

Just got punched in the lower back and theres a weird pain?

It's probably not serious but you should go to the hospital and get it checked if you're experiencing pain. With backs, it's better to be safe than sorry.

What is the thumping noise in my ear?

Pulsatile tinnitus, a condition consisting of thumping or whooshing sounds in the ear, affects a small proportion of patients who have tinnitus. Disturbances in the flow of blood can cause pulsatil... Read More »