What is this vegetable?

Answer It is a fuzzy melon (known as a winter melon in the US I think)… , or a trombone zucchini…

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What vegetable is this?

Its either this or the other packed as dehydrated in those sachet bags i.e. bits of carrot, spring onions, preserved mustard (tung choy) and preserved radish (choy por) in chinese noodles soup. Fo... Read More »

What vegetable is this (pic)?

Looks like rocket and if it isn't that then it could be dandelion leaves. Either way they are good for eating.

What are some good vegetable to grow indoors this winter?

You'll need artificial lighting to grow veg indoors in winter...winter days are short, nights long, veg want full sun, all day...and you'll have to hand pollinate the flowers.

I'm always eating steamed vegetable. Am I getting any vitamins this way?

Yes you're still getting nutrients from the veggies you steam. Despite the fact that you do lose some of the nutrients, as you will with most veggies when you cook them in any way, especially if y... Read More »