What is this thing on my breast?

Answer Don't worry. It's nothing and you are not alone with it. It is called "Breast Mouse"A 'breast mouse' is a completely benign - that is non-cancerous - form of breast lump that can be moved around wi... Read More »

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I have lumps and knots in my breast and sad thing is that the doctor is not believing its breast cancer?

Don't freak out, it's probably just benign cysts. They are very normal in girls going through puberty. But I would DEFINITELY get a second opinion

Why is it Breast Cancer is the only thing people care about?

first of all, thanks so much from one who suffers from what is called an orphan cancer(very rare). i am sorry to hear that breast cancer has struck your family. i also wish there were more concern ... Read More »

I'm having a big round thing on my left boobs, its very painfull to it a breast cancer?

Breast cancer is within the breast, not on it. If you have a painful inflammation ON your breast, it is most likely a skin condition.

My 10-years-old daughter has a lump in here left breast does it mean cancer or just is her breast growing?

I would say boobs, my stepdaughter had the same thing happen to her and her bio-mom told her it could be some sort of infection. It scared her half to death poor girl, I just reassured her that sh... Read More »