What is this strange looking nut?

Answer Hi Aya, can I suggest that you post this question in either Home & Garden / Garden & Landscape or Science & Mathematics / Botany? It is a bit hard to recognise as it's still in its outer casing. ... Read More »

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AM i strange looking?

I actually really love your look, and I'm not just saying that! You have gorgeous eyes!!!! I'm so jealous. And you are great with makeup! You look really good with eyeliner. I also like those big f... Read More »

Strange looking holes on tonsils?

This might be tonsil stones and if so your breath will be real bad. What you can do is getting some mouthwash and start to gargle to get these stuff out of it. It even might help you to get the swe... Read More »

Strange looking (Marijuana-like) plant growing in my yard?

It's called "BULL WEED". It will make you very, very sick.

What is this Strange paint smell?

It almost sounds like old paint. Yes, paint spoils too, and can even acquire a rotten-egg smell. It's too bad you didn't wait for the paint to air out for several days, but it's understandable why ... Read More »