What is this smoke that is coming out of my computer?

Answer That blue youre seeing is actually purple. It means your pc is high and a jimi hendrix fan.

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My Computer screen is emitting thick smoke clouds and this deafening high pitch noise, is that bad?

HA-HA...! You spelled "CRACK PIPE" wrong...

Was notified by Direct TV that have rebate coming and to apply for this is almost impossible to navigate for a neophyte computer guy How about calling at 770-483-4024?

My computer fan keeps coming on,every 5 minutes,what causes this?

Your processor is getting too hot. Your fan should be running at all times though to keep your processor cool. If it keeps getting too hot then you risk damage to your processor and other compone... Read More »

What is the smoke coming from the strip lighting?

Assuming its a fluorescent fixture....if so then its most likely a ballast failure. Hope someone turned it off asap. Electrician or maint. man will need to replace the ballast.