What is this sharp pinching pain?

Answer possibly your apendix? im not sure which side its on though.

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What causes this sharp pain in my finger?

You need a Sports Pain Relief cream= and there are lots of them.The one with the best combination of ingredients is BenGay Ultra.Walmart has their own 'equate' brand next to the BGU for half price.... Read More »

What is this sharp eletric shock like pain in my pinky and numbness in my ring finger?

I can't remember the medical term for the condition, but it is basically pinched nerves that would cause that kind of sensation. The nerves usually become pinched from repetitive motion or use and... Read More »

What is this sharp pain on the lower right part of my chest in between my breast bone and my ribs?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

I have a sharp pain that lasted for 5 seconds then it went what was this is it something serious or not?

final year medical student's opinion .Let me tell straight away your description does not fit that of a tumour. Secondly it is not uncommon to experience short headache if your particularly stresse... Read More »