What is this possibly called?

Answer Pescetarianism

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What could I possibly have?

Depends, my mom felt like that not that long ago & turns out, there was something wrong with herheart. Go to the doctor, could be nothing, could be serious.

What could I possibly get?

1,000 - 2,500 - it depends on whether you want to buy used or new.

Could I possibly have als?

you don't have als. Symptoms include:Difficulty breathingDifficulty swallowingChoking easilyDroolingGaggingHead drop due to weakness of the neck musclesMuscle crampsMuscle contractions called fasci... Read More »

Can I possibly have diabetes?

High blood pressure is a sign of preeclamsia. This is a dangerous disease that only occurs in pregnancy.You should seek out a complete physical .