What is this part on my bosch hbn7052gb fan oven?

Answer A thermal cutout/fuse of some sort. Does it have any numbers/codes printed on it?…

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How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Oven?

German-engineered, Bosch ovens are a bit more computerized and high tech than some domestic models. One advantage of this is a comprehensive error code reporting system in the display. Fault codes ... Read More »

A Bosch Oven Probe Error?

Bosch ovens are German-made products that include a computerized meat probe. You can plug the probe into the oven prior to cooking meat, and the oven will keep track of the meat's internal temperat... Read More »

How to clean This part of an oven?

Inferred heating element, just like the one's on your stove top. I usually just turn the oven up and let the element burn off any dirt that's collected on it. Then just wipe up the rest.

Can you change electricity from 120V to 240V in your kitchen so that you could use a new electric oven instead of an old gas oven?

Answer NoThe wiring isn't big enough to carry the load of an electric rangeChristmas is no time for a fire!Call an electrician!