What is this pain that i feel?

Answer You may have stretched your muscles a little. If they are causing you too much discomfort you should really go see your doctor though.

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Do animals feel pain i heard that they don't have the part of the brain that feels pain, is this true?

YES THEY FEEL PAIN! Why else would they cry when you hurt them (whimper)?

Is it possible that a person has felt so much mental pain, that they cant feel any physical pain?

No. The nervous system will make sure that the brain feels the pain, no matter how much anguish the person is in. A broken leg is going to HURT, no matter what.However, the person in so much ment... Read More »

You feel that if you do not join the marines you will not be honoring the marines that came before you and you feel that you HAVE to join in order to show respect is this a bad reason to join?

Yes. Join the Marines because you want to. If you do not want to join for your own reasons, no one else's reasons are valid. You do not have to live up to anything, certainly not anything others ha... Read More »

I want to cut my wrists and not feel pain, is that possible?

Oh, hun. Please don't cut yourself.Hold ice to your skin, scream into a pillow, draw red lines on your arm but don't cut yourself.I don't know what you are going through but you are beautiful and s... Read More »