What is this pain in my back ?

Answer your back is one of the hardest places in the body to determine what is wrong, id recommend going to your doctor and hospital for an xray. it could be anything from a chip gone in your bac, to some... Read More »

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I have this annoying pain in my lower back what could this be?

What could this be back pain?

Your "spine" doesn't necessarily hurt when you have a spinal problem. It almost always shoots into the muscles though, and then people often think they have "muscle pain."It sounds like a classic ... Read More »

Could this be what is causing my lower back pain?

Yes all that extra weight could certainly be causing you pain. The pain could also be caused by something completely different. I am small but I have back problems, very slight scoliosis, most doct... Read More »

If your son hit the back of his head and a very hard knot has come up but no other symptoms except minor pain when you touch it this happened two days ago should you have this checked out by the Dr?