What is this pain I sometimes get?

Answer Hm... Around some cramps..Good luck!

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What does this mean: Not all scares show, not all wounds heal, sometimes you can't see the pain someone feels?

Wendy, this saying is not so much about physical injuries and scars but emotional hurts.To me "Not all scars show" means some people can hide their hurt and emotional pain. They can keep it to them... Read More »

Sometimes i get pain in my stomach?

You can get lower stomach pain when you are ovulating and before you get your period

HELP: My 18 y.o. daughter injured her foot & is crying in pain! What could this be How to relieve pain?

I don't know if in America you have emergency rooms (I'm sure you do), just find the nearest one and drive there. I'm pretty sure they're always open and ready to take people in. If you're not sure... Read More »

You feeling pressure and pain inside your vagina when you walk and sit or sit up what could cause this pain?

Well, if you are pregnant, it is usually the baby's head pushing into your cervix. (I say that she is head butting me)I've been having the same problem for around 3 weeks now. A lot of times it fee... Read More »