What is this on my network map HACKED?

Answer Oh stop being paranoid of course you haven't been hacked.Without actually seeing how your system is set up anyanswer is just speculation as to what it could be.

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How can you tell if someone has hacked your wireless network?

for your speed issue: make sure the router isnt near any transformers, electric motors, or heavy magnetic fields (all of these will effect the radio waves) also if you have cordless phones in your ... Read More »

My school hacked into my Facebook account. Isn't this illegal?

Well hmm...its difficult because no they didn't get your permission, but you did give a lot of people access to your facebook wall. That is why its best not to post certain things on your wall. If ... Read More »

My facebook got hacked i deactivated it can it still be hacked?

As a security procedure, you can 1st change the password of your Facebook account and then Deactivate it :)

Someone has apparently hacked into a website - and lied and said I did it! Is there any way to counter this?

Click on the link above and the answer will be clear. It will say:HaCkeD bY:>>>