What is this mysterious bite?

Answer Probably a spider. I'd go to the doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.

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Mysterious bug bite or insect sting?

It is most likely a sting from some flying insect. It is impossible to know what it might have been since we don't even know what area of the country you were in. It could have been a bee, a wasp... Read More »

Mysterious bug bite that hurts Please answer!!?

Sounds like a fire ant bite. They start as a pimple looking thing and ooze clear stuff. Leave them alone, make sure they don't get infected, you'll be fine. Of course, if it gets worse, have it loo... Read More »

What Kind Of Spider Bite Or Bug Bite Is This.?

These are called boils. Soaking in hot water helps these heal, and now the skin is broken, you should use a topical antibiotic.Any bug or spider bite that doesn't heal after a couple days, is likel... Read More »

Is this guy really supossed to be the mysterious vampire Edward?

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