What is this lump thing near my vagina?

Answer Sounds like an infected sebaceous gland or an ingrown hair. You'll have to see a doctor about either one. Since it's red and oozing puss like liquid, you'll probably need antibiotics and perhaps ... Read More »

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I have this red lump near my groin I wanted to know what it is and how to cure it?

You should really go see a doctor if it lets out blood and a unknown liquid, even though it is hurting slightly.

There is a lump on my friend's vagina what could it be?

Might be a cyst or an infected hair. If it doesn't appear to be infected then it might be a cyst, wart, or tumor. Better to have it checked. Tell your friend to call her local family planning (p... Read More »

Bump near Vagina..?

Could be:A cystPimpleIngrown hairBoilIrritation from your underwearSkin tagwartNone of these are serious. You can google all of them & read about how to rid of them. Good luck!

Bump in hair line near vagina?