What is this lump on tonsil?

Answer Your tonsills help fight infection, so that yellow accumulation could most likely be from that, but I would still go to the doctor. Absolutely!

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Large lump on left tonsil and sharp pain behind eye ?

Yes, someone can help you. That person is a doctor. You Brits see NHS doctors. So pick up your phone, dial up the surgery, and get an appointment.

Does this sound like a cancer of the tonsil?

No, it sound nothing like head and neck cancer. I had it, starting in my tonsil and spreading to the lymph node in my neck. There were no outward signs, just a massive lump in my neck from the me... Read More »

What is this lump in my mouth?

I have a similar symptom. Have you been picking around in there? It should be nothing to worry about. From reading about it it's probably an infection or cyst. I'll keep you in my prayers.

What is this lump thing near my vagina?

Sounds like an infected sebaceous gland or an ingrown hair. You'll have to see a doctor about either one. Since it's red and oozing puss like liquid, you'll probably need antibiotics and perhaps ... Read More »