What is this little round thing on my keyboard between the g & h key?

Answer It's a trackpoint. You can use it instead of a mouse or track pad.

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Iv got really bad shaving rash round my bikini line and little red spots what can i do to make this better?

If in the upper right side of your gum there is round liquidy thing that if you touch it hurts what can this be?

Answer Sounds like an abcessed tooth. You should go to a dentist and have it checked.

Wierd thing:my friend connected a keyboard to his pc and his system got is this possible?

This is highly unlikelyIf you friends experienced the same infection it is software related not hardware , keyboards and other PS2 or USB Plug and Play devices do not have flash upgradeable ROM so ... Read More »

What is pimple stain doing between my eyebrows Aren't I a little too old for this?

Oh, sorry... I thought you were a Hindu or something...