What is this little round thing on my keyboard between the g & h key?

Answer It's a trackpoint. You can use it instead of a mouse or track pad.

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How do you turn someones computer screen round by using keyboard shortcuts?

Hold Ctrl + Alt then press the directional keys on the keyboard... this doesnt work on all computers as it is to do with shortcuts configured in the display driver software.Also you may need to ena... Read More »

If in the upper right side of your gum there is round liquidy thing that if you touch it hurts what can this be?

Answer Sounds like an abcessed tooth. You should go to a dentist and have it checked.

Is there such a thing as a braille keyboard Don't laugh I am serious.?

yes you can get a device that connects to your pc and converts text to braille contact the RNIB website for more details

I'm having a big round thing on my left boobs, its very painfull to it a breast cancer?

Breast cancer is within the breast, not on it. If you have a painful inflammation ON your breast, it is most likely a skin condition.