What is this internet lingo?

Answer brb- be right backLol- Laugh out loudrotf- rolling on the floorlmao- laughing my *** offThere's way many more. Try this website though incase you come to face some others...since I hope I don't get... Read More »

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You want to play lingo for free the same lingo game that Chuck Woolery hosts on tv?

What should I do with this this Polaroid Internet Tablet?

I have just bought an lg smart internet tv 32LV3710 and i want to connect to the internet. how best to do this?

Hi Cliffordthe television needs an aerial just like any other television be it a terrestrial or extra terrestrial will usually also need a connection to a router from a broadband line to... Read More »

"internet not responding.. internet restarting" - This happens all the time?

Dear BJ., Seriously speaking, if you get the message "internet not responding.. internet restarting" all the time, it's very highly possible that your computer has already been infected by virus... Read More »