What is this internet lingo?

Answer brb- be right backLol- Laugh out loudrotf- rolling on the floorlmao- laughing my *** offThere's way many more. Try this website though incase you come to face some others...since I hope I don't get... Read More »

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You want to play lingo for free the same lingo game that Chuck Woolery hosts on tv?

What does LOL mean in computer lingo?

Laughing Out Loud.There are *lots* of these abbreviations out there. Here's a good reference to some of them:…

How to Use Airline Lingo?

Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional air traveler, you probably run into airline lingo whenever you fly. If you do not know how to use airline lingo, all of those acronyms and vague or... Read More »

Can someone explain the lingo here?

IUD- Intrauterine Device such Mirena used as a contraceptive. IUI--not sure actually...AF--Aunt Flo--woman's periodBFP--Big fat positive on a pregnancy testBFN--Big fat negative on a pregnancy test... Read More »