What is this "fruit" called?

Answer It's a pepino melon

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Babbu kosa is a fruit having green colour on its outer part. What do we say this fruit in english?

depends what language you are trying to translate from....?

What is the fruit of the Citrus paradisi tree called?

The Citrus paradisi tree produces grapefruit. According to Purdue University, the grapefruit tree can grow as tall as 15 to 45 feet and contains dark green, oval leaves that are 3 to 6 inches long ... Read More »

What are fields for growing fruit trees called?

What is the round fruit of the sycamore tree called?

The large, ball-like fruit of the sycamore tree lacks a technical name, but it is a type of achene---a dry, one-seed fruit. The fruit's appearance, once split open and emptied of seeds, has led to ... Read More »