What is this considered?

Answer Pescetarians eat fish but no land meat. If you want to get really fancy, you could say "ovo pescetarian," as vegetarians do sometimes identify as "lacto" and/or "ovo" to state whether or not they e... Read More »

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Is this considered sex?

Yes it is, even if he doesn't finish, its sex. pretty bad sex it sounds like...Why would you do that though? Sounds stupid.

Is this considered fatt?

no shes not fat just a bit chubby round the middle and avg...its all good.

Is this considered rape?

OMG are you joking? Call the cops, tell your parents! Tell someone!

Is this considered a binge day?

Not really! You may have had an extra snack but we all have that 1-2 a week, sometimes more. What you ate was mostly good for you anyway, so no worries!