What is this! Please help! ?

Answer I had this around your age. It was a small cyst that drained. Go lay in the tub and place a hot wash cloth on your nipple, do this for 15 mins. More mighbt drain out. Please see the doctor if i... Read More »

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Please please please help me get this off my laptop pleeeeeeease?

Download Ad Aware. It doesn't sound like it's a virus, it's probably just some spyware. Ad Aware is free and will remove all that stuff.

Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?

It doesn't sound like an illness to me, it sounds like simple problems with sleeping patterns and quality of sleep - such as if your bed was in need of replacing or you have something worrying you.... Read More »

I ahve this HUGE zit on my forehead.......does anybody have any fast fixes for them....please help me...please?

ok, i used to have bad acne, so i've become an expert on this. start by applying ice to the zit for a couple minutes to make the inflammation go down. take some aleve, and a zinc supplements, they... Read More »

What is this song please help?