What is this! It hurts so much!?

Answer Im not exactly sure in your case. But i too have a small hard lump on the roof of my mouth. I have always had it tho (since i can remember. What happens with mine is somtimes it gets swollen and hu... Read More »

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When will this pain stop Hurts so much!?

Keep taking your antibiotic. Increase fluids, try a warm compress on the affected ear. I'm sorry you don't feel well. It will pass soon.

This hurts really bad. Is this period pain a normality?

Yes it's normal coz i always hav so much pain whenever Im on my periods One way u can make the pain less is by takin in birth control pills which are meant to make them less painful and less thicke... Read More »

My right ankle hurts kinda bad and this is what I experience?

Sounds like you have a sprained ankle. Buy a bandage or an ankle support to wrap it :) It should heal i a week or two. :D Better yet, have an X-Ray just to be sure that nothing is broken.use this ... Read More »

I stabbed my hand and now it hurts too much. What should I do?

your father told you to "disregard it?" What does that mean? Forget the horrible pain you are in?.Can't see how that could be done/Seems like you need a trip to the