What is third party software with iPod Shuffle?

Answer Apple designed its iPod Shuffle line of personal music players to work best with the company's own iTunes software. However, it is possible to use use other alternatives to transfer music to the S... Read More »

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Can you use iPod shuffle software for an iPod nano?

Apple iPod varieties use iTunes as their main organizational software. The iPod shuffle, along with any other Apple music playing products, uses this software to upload audio files onto the device.... Read More »

Will iPod shuffle software work with Windows XP?

Yes, the software for the iPod shuffle will work on a PC running the Windows XP operating system. Media management software iTunes is available for Windows XP, and will come packaged on a CD with y... Read More »

Ipod Shuffle without a shuffle button(!)?

Hi,Call me stupid but I think your answer to the question is in the heading of the question you have asked.... I mean come on, it can't be a SHUFFLE IPOD if it has NO SHUFFLE BUTTON!!!Have a look a... Read More »

You have an ipod 3rdG nano and an ipod shuffle how do you sync from the same itunes library?

Simple just plug them both into the same computer and click snyc