What is thinsulate lining?

Answer Thinsulate, manufactured by 3M, is a synthetic fiber which is used in clothing, footwear and outerwear. The material was developed in the 1960's, was launched in the skiwear market in the 1970's an... Read More »

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How to Clean Thinsulate?

People use products that contain Thinsulate to guard against frigid temperatures. When these items become dirty and stinky due to overuse, you may think you have to place them in the garbage becaus... Read More »

Can Thinsulate get too hot for skiing?

It's really a matter of a person's perception as to what qualifies as "too hot" while skiing. 3M designed Thinsulate specifically with insulation against cold weather conditions in mind. Although t... Read More »

Who invented Thinsulate?

Thinsulate is a synthetic down that was introduced in the 1970s with the catch phrase "Warmth without Bulk". Thinsulate was invented by the 3M corporation. The material is used to line ski jackets,... Read More »

Effectiveness of Thinsulate in Boots?

Thinsulate is a fabric that was developed by the 3M Company. This popular fabric is used in coats, gloves, hats, scarves and bedding and is extremely effective when used in boots. The fabric is abl... Read More »