What is thermography printing?

Answer Thermography printing involves adding thermal powder to ink and using heat to cook the ink into the paper. The result is a raised effect.ProcessThe thermography print process applies powder to a pr... Read More »

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What is medical thermography?

Medical thermography uses computers and infrared cameras to read heat levels in the body, monitoring physical problems ranging from simple injuries to cancerous tumors.DefinitionMedical Thermal Ima... Read More »

What medical conditions can be analyzed with thermography?

Thermography is a thermal imaging device that allows physicians to view and assess a patient's internal temperatures. Thermography is used to locate unusual areas of hot or warm temperatures in the... Read More »

What is more accurate digital printing or offset printing?

Most arguments you see on offset printing vs digital printing comes from the perspective of someone that has a interest in one or the other technology. Offset is usually looked at as the higher qu... Read More »

Thermography Standards?

Thermography is a form of heat scanning. A thermogram is a result of the thermography process. The thermogram maps out the distribution of heat on a body or object.