What the best LCD TV out there in a market today LG or Samsung?

Answer Samsung is the world leader in LCDs right now. They are making the best panels out there hands down. Their image processors are also very strong and can go toe to toe with anyone else for sure, i... Read More »

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What are some good non-mainstream metal or rock bands out there today?

Everyone else is going to put p*ssy little "metal bands" out for you, but not this guy. I will be of assistance to you. 1349, Anaal Nathrakh, Bathory, Battlemaster, Bloodbath, Burzum (also read the... Read More »

You are almost 37 weeks and your due date is May 13Th you went to the doctor today and he said you were dilated 2cm and that there was definitly a head down there how long before you go into labour?

AnswerWell, they told me the same thing. I didn't go into labor until two weeks later. It just depends on how well YOUR labor goes.

How are you today There is always hope...?

You know you are the strongest person in my life. I am wonderful today and every day, because I have you as my momma. I love you.

Is there something wrong with the web today?

ISP might be on maintenanceor DNS issueit will be alright